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Domino’s on University – Gainesville, Fl

May 20, 2010

Four and a half hours of organic chemistry tutoring led 3 people to buy 3 medium 1-topping pizzas from Domino’s for how much? $4.67 each!! SO FREAKING CHEAP! It’s a summer carryout special here. The place was clean while we waited inside. Their crust is soo much better now. If you’ve never eaten Catalina dressing with pizza before, DO IT! ‘Cause it’s a Kristina thing to do. I’ve started a movement among few already. Oh, and here’s a money saving tip if you didn’t already know.. 1 topping on half a pizza and 1 topping on the other half count as 1 topping! That way you don’t pay an extra buck and a half for 2 toppings. :)

Oh by the way, the chick at the register said always ask for specials! They won’t tell you unless you ask.

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Hooters – Gainesville, Fl

May 10, 2010

Yesterday my neighbor, Scott, drove us to 5 or so different restaurants.. that were closed. So where did we end up? Hooters. Why? Because he saw some UFC match on the TVs through the windows and the restaurant next door was closed. Boo. I learned that Hooters originated in Clearwater, Florida. What else did I learn? You can pay 9 bucks for a sandwich and fries will NOT come with your meal AND you will be charged extra for ranch. Hrumph. The buffalo chicken sandwich I ordered tasted alright. The chicken was still crunchy drenched in all that saucyness and they buttered my buns! I like buttered buns.
Before I forget, neither I nor my neighbor are fans of Hooters wings. There’s definitely better out there (eg. my dad’s). All in all, you either go to Hooters for the sports or something else.. most definitely not the food.

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Philly @ the Mall

April 29, 2010

I worked out today. I went to the mall today. I bought a Super Steak sub from the Great Steak & Potato Company today. It had steak, mushrooms, onions, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, and provolone on it. I feel like it cancelled out my workout, but it was oh sooo good. I like seasoned fries.

Saltwater Grill – Panama City Beach, Fl

April 25, 2010

My dad and I wanted seafood today so we drove around the beach to like 4 different restaurants and ended up at Saltwater Grill.

I guess this is how you make butter look fancy.

The Calamari wasn’t the best. It actually tasted too.. squiddy. Disappointment! I expected better. And they didn’t fry it extra crispy like my momma asked them too.

The crab cakes were decent. I enjoy crab cakes that are more crabby than bready. It’s more bang for your buck?

The crab stuffed mushrooms were the best appetizers we ordered! They were goooood.

My dad’s Red Fish Étouffée. I tried some of this and thought it was really good. He said it was cajun food. I didn’t realize ’til this picture that there was craw fish in it too!

I almost ordered this Grouper w/ Mango Salsa. Then my sister said she was thinking about so I told her to so I could get something else and we could share. Their mango salsa isn’t that great actually. It was just pieces of fruit thrown together.. not really sauce like.

My younger brother ordered Penne a la Vodka because he liked the name. Silly boy. He liked the dish though (I thought it tasted a little too creamy for me). Now sometimes he randomly texts me saying “shrimp and scallop penne a la vodka!” What a dork.

My plate! I got the Grouper Macadamia. Nuts on fish is goood! Note this is only the second time I’ve had nuts and fish on the same plate. The macadamia added nuttiness to the fish of course, and the sauce was sweet and savory. I can ONLY eat fish when it’s fresh and doesn’t have that fishy smell. Luckily, all our dishes here passed that test!

Crème brûlée for dessert. It would’ve been better if there was a bit more fruit on it. But it was still mmmm nonetheless.

Not shown: My mom’s Surf ‘n Turf and my youngest brother’s steak

Conclusion: Decent restaurant. Too pricey. The beach offers better seafood restaurants at better prices with a wider selection, they were just closed at the time.

I forgot to mention.. they have an aquarium! I saw Dory and tweeted Ellen DeGeneres about it, but she didn’t respond. =x

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Louisiana.. Fast!

April 21, 2010

On Monday, my mom texted me and told me that on Wednesday (today) there was gonna be a Popeye’s special.. 8 pieces for $5.99. Of course, being the obedient child I am.. haha… but yeah. There were 5 of my friends and I, did we share? No. Everyone got their own 8 pieces! Gluttons right? :X
I prefer the spicy chicken myself–the only way to go is with hot sauce on your chicken and honey on your biscuits.

Chicken Casserole like Momma used to make

April 6, 2010

This is my attempt at making this chicken casserole thing my mom cooks during the summers. Taste-wise it turned out successful, but picture-wise.. well, casseroles are just ugly things. The peas were an afterthought (for color). Mush!

Wanna try?

You’ll need: a box of rice. I used Great Value Chicken flavor Rice and Vermicelli myself (because that’s what mom uses), a pack of chicken breasts, 1 can of cream of celery, 1 can of cream of mushroom, and some peas.

  • First rinse off the chicken, put it in a casserole dish to be put in the oven. Pour the cans of cream of celery and mushroom in it and mix it around. Let it bake in the oven around 375 for around 30 minutes or so, flipping the chicken every now and then.
  • Don’t forget while you’re doing that, you could making the rice. Just follow the instructions on the box for this one.

  • Eventually your chicken will be done, and you can choose to cut it up in chunks or not! It’s just your preference. Make sure the chicken is fully cooked though. Pour it over your pan of rice.

  • Stir it all up. Add more pepper if you like.

  • Stir in [frozen] peas at the end to give it more color and nutrients and the like.

And there ya go! Enjoy!

Easter Brunch @ Piccadilly Cafeteria – Gainesville, Fl

April 4, 2010

A lot of older (when I say older I mean senior citizen type of old) people eat here. I don’t think young people know about this place.. how do I know? When I was a kid, every Saturday my siblings and I would go to the mall with my momma and sometimes eat at Taco Casa and Chick Fil A or Piccadilly’s before we did anything else. I ate there today.. turkey on Easter! =)

It’s exactly what the name says it is, a cafeteria. You wait in line with a tray and go through and pick what you want to eat. The food is your basic comfort food, not the best, but good. I could be biased, because for me it brings back childhood memories.
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Sonny’s Real Pit BBQ- Gainesville, Fl

April 3, 2010

For All You BBQ Lovers..

AYCE ribs from Sonny’s + corn nuggets + sweet potato w/ cinnamon butter + mango sweet tea = $10.99 + $1 + tax + tip. I know someone in particular who would be jealous. =P

I’ve had way better barbecue than Sonny’s, but there could be way worse. I’m not saying it’s bad, maybe just closer to the average range. What keeps me coming back? Corn nuggets, gigantic drinks refillable sweet teas, the service and the prices. Oh, and guests from out of state as well.

Interesting tidbit: Sonny’s was founded in Gainesville, Florida. Hehe.
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