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Strawbreezy Pancakes

May 11, 2010

It’s weird actually being up early and being productive! It gives me time to eat breakfast! Well, actually, it’s more like brunch. I got home from class around 11ish and one of my roommates made pancakes apparently, so I took one and topped it with syrup and a couple strawbeezies and chowed down. All I was missing was some whipped cream.. that would have been amazing. I like strawberries on my pancakes more than any other fruit because it adds something sour-ish to the sweetness. I like balance–love that yin and yangity yang!


“OKay make me breakfast whenever you get in town.”

April 7, 2010

Aaron whom I haven’t seen in months came all the way from Port St. Lucie just to make me breakfast! Actually he was just conveniently on his way up to p-cola.  Do you see how every cabinet of mine is open? Sheesh.

He and his friend made mushroomy eggs and white choco chip pancakes . It was good although I freaked out when he didn’t clean the mushrooms, but I reminded him. Yay for people who cook for me!