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Kalbi? Galbi? I don’t know but..

April 27, 2010

My daddy-o grilled short ribs tonight and my momma made homemade hot wings and nacho dip. She also kept telling me I was ridiculous when I was trying to style my food.. then I told her she just doesn’t understand.. and that I’m a food artist <3. Then she said my rice looked like a boob. Hrumph.


Sonny’s Real Pit BBQ- Gainesville, Fl

April 3, 2010

For All You BBQ Lovers..

AYCE ribs from Sonny’s + corn nuggets + sweet potato w/ cinnamon butter + mango sweet tea = $10.99 + $1 + tax + tip. I know someone in particular who would be jealous. =P

I’ve had way better barbecue than Sonny’s, but there could be way worse. I’m not saying it’s bad, maybe just closer to the average range. What keeps me coming back? Corn nuggets, gigantic drinks refillable sweet teas, the service and the prices. Oh, and guests from out of state as well.

Interesting tidbit: Sonny’s was founded in Gainesville, Florida. Hehe.
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