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My midnight snack tonight

May 8, 2010

So I thought I would be okay not eating dinner tonight because there’s simply nothing to eat. That’s what I always think when I look in my FULL pantry/freezer/fridge.. there’s nothing to eat. I wish I had someone to cook for me! But yeah here I am throwing crap together. After midnight and.. eating.. after midnight. What an out of the norm midnight snack I made. I basically got seaweed and threw some rice on there then added shredded pork and attempted to fold it. I think. Oh and of course I didn’t forget the soy sauce and Crystal! And yes I randomly have ginger in my fridge. I don’t know if this is a legit hand roll or not because I’ve never ate/made them before! But I’ve served them at my old job.. hah.


Do the Spicy Crab Roll

May 2, 2010

“Oh, what restaurant did you get that at?”

NONE! ‘Cause I made this myself! Well, not today, because I just got home from Friday’s with my friend, but I did make this about a year ago. Looks legit huh? I remember my brothers and cousins hovering over me wanting to try some, and I let them. They liked it. Haha. Anyhows, I plan on making sushi sometime next week, seeing as I have all the supplies in my fridge now. I actually like eating sushi because it doesn’t make me feel so heavy.. well, unless I eat over 3 rolls. Now that’s another story I’ll have to save for later. :)

Rolls ‘n Bowls – Gainesville, Fl

April 23, 2010

Doesn’t this look unappetizing? Haha it’s my “Surf ‘n Turf” rice bowl I had to stuff in a to go container that’s made out of 100% recycled paperboard.. go green! It tasted better than it looks. I believe Rolls ‘n Bolls is an environment-friendly restaurante. Yay for Earth Day yesterday hah. I hate the library, but I like shiitake ‘shrooms.

Flaming Sushi Roll

April 18, 2010

This is a Red Scorpion roll from Miya Sushi.. and it’s on fiyahh. They kinda messed up and scorched one of my pieces though.. and when I ate it, it tasted like a firecracker. And yes, I only ordered this because I thought it would be cool to take a picture of. ;)
Overall their sushi is decent. This is the second time I’ve eaten here and I can say I’ve had much better and I’ve had much worse. This place is like a Korean/Japanese fusion-y type place. You know how that is.

Miya Sushi on Urbanspoon