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Reggae Shack Cafe – Gainesville, Fl

May 19, 2010

I’ve always wanted to go to Reggae Shack but delayed it up until now. The commercial for Reggae Shack comes on all the time on the radio, and it tempted my neighbor enough to get me out of bed to go there.

Going inside wasn’t what I expected. I never knew it was like a sit down, order, then dine type of place. I thought since it was a “cafe” you order at the counter and wait for it. But I actually think there’s that option as well.

Hmm.. what can I say.. It was nice and bright inside. I like the choices in color :). We sat near the window which was nice. The only thing that bothered me were the pesky flies coming in from outside.

I kinda regret getting a Mistic fruit drink (I didn’t know what it was). It ended up tasting like the V8 Splash I have at home though hahah. I shoulda stuck with my instincts and got the pineapple soda!

Amber’s Caribbean Chicken Sandwich. I  only tried her fries. They were good.. and no that’s not all salt, it was sugar!

Scott was so determined to try Jamaican Jerk Chicken for the first time.. by the time I got around to taking a picture of his plate he was halfway done with it! It’s funny watching people who can’t tolerate spicy food eat spicy food–puaha.

I came in wanting curry chicken but ended up ordering the Brown Stew Fish. It was a whole fried snapper.. fish head included! The man at the table next to us was eating this and he made it look soo goood. Plus when he said it’s spicier than the way he makes it at home, I just had to get it. I don’t really know what it’s supposed to taste like.. but it was good–all nice and flavorful and spicy and such. Actually come to think of it, it kinda tastes like something my mom makes.. except this dish left a little burn in my tummy.

Amber and I concluded we had to order dessert. Dulce De Leche Festivals. What’s a festival? They described it as being like hush puppies. I wanna describe it as fried pound cake with ice cream, which in the end tasted like fried ice cream with condensed milk and chocolate in between. Mm it was so dang sweet. I like sweets.

All in all, I think I’ll be back. I wanna try some other stuff on the menu. Oh yeah, the menu. I think they should replace their cover pictures with my food pictures. Mine look more appetizing. I’m just sayin’. Hehe.

Shout out to our waiter, Bernard! He said something about me taking pictures of food and I told him it’s because I have a food blog. Then he gave me a paper and pen and asked me to write down the name of it and I did. It felt like I was giving an autograph. That made my day! Hahaha :)

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Saltwater Grill – Panama City Beach, Fl

April 25, 2010

My dad and I wanted seafood today so we drove around the beach to like 4 different restaurants and ended up at Saltwater Grill.

I guess this is how you make butter look fancy.

The Calamari wasn’t the best. It actually tasted too.. squiddy. Disappointment! I expected better. And they didn’t fry it extra crispy like my momma asked them too.

The crab cakes were decent. I enjoy crab cakes that are more crabby than bready. It’s more bang for your buck?

The crab stuffed mushrooms were the best appetizers we ordered! They were goooood.

My dad’s Red Fish Étouffée. I tried some of this and thought it was really good. He said it was cajun food. I didn’t realize ’til this picture that there was craw fish in it too!

I almost ordered this Grouper w/ Mango Salsa. Then my sister said she was thinking about so I told her to so I could get something else and we could share. Their mango salsa isn’t that great actually. It was just pieces of fruit thrown together.. not really sauce like.

My younger brother ordered Penne a la Vodka because he liked the name. Silly boy. He liked the dish though (I thought it tasted a little too creamy for me). Now sometimes he randomly texts me saying “shrimp and scallop penne a la vodka!” What a dork.

My plate! I got the Grouper Macadamia. Nuts on fish is goood! Note this is only the second time I’ve had nuts and fish on the same plate. The macadamia added nuttiness to the fish of course, and the sauce was sweet and savory. I can ONLY eat fish when it’s fresh and doesn’t have that fishy smell. Luckily, all our dishes here passed that test!

Crème brûlée for dessert. It would’ve been better if there was a bit more fruit on it. But it was still mmmm nonetheless.

Not shown: My mom’s Surf ‘n Turf and my youngest brother’s steak

Conclusion: Decent restaurant. Too pricey. The beach offers better seafood restaurants at better prices with a wider selection, they were just closed at the time.

I forgot to mention.. they have an aquarium! I saw Dory and tweeted Ellen DeGeneres about it, but she didn’t respond. =x

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