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April 30, 2010

Y’all just don’t know how excited I was when my mom told me she bought a box of Dunkaroos for me.. ahh.. nostalgia <3. I’m sure I haven’t had these since I was in the single digit ages.. my younger brothers didn’t even know what they were. Am I that old? -___-


Easter Brunch @ Piccadilly Cafeteria – Gainesville, Fl

April 4, 2010

A lot of older (when I say older I mean senior citizen type of old) people eat here. I don’t think young people know about this place.. how do I know? When I was a kid, every Saturday my siblings and I would go to the mall with my momma and sometimes eat at Taco Casa and Chick Fil A or Piccadilly’s before we did anything else. I ate there today.. turkey on Easter! =)

It’s exactly what the name says it is, a cafeteria. You wait in line with a tray and go through and pick what you want to eat. The food is your basic comfort food, not the best, but good. I could be biased, because for me it brings back childhood memories.
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