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Mexico Lindo – Gainesville, Fl

April 9, 2010

One of my favorite places to eat in Gainesville is MEXICO LINDO! Mainly because it’s a bright and festive lookin’ place. Today was my first time at their outside seating too (because they were so packed and I just wanted food asap). It was wonderful for the lighting in my picture. Now, if only they had horchata.. life would be super!Free fresh warm chips and cold salsa basically on tap. =)
“El Combo Dinner” is so cheap when you split it with 2 or 3 people.. think.. $11.40 for a burrito, enchilada, chalupa, chile relleno, tamale, taco, refried beans, rice, and guac salad. Yum yummm. Their guacamole is super fresh/good! And I like to sub the ground beef for chicken (no charge) in some items. You’ll smell like food after you eat here, but you won’t regret it!