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Loreal’s French Toast

May 18, 2010

In the mornings, I usually grab a cup of yogurt and I’m out the door. But I like it when people make breakfast for me.. or any meal at that. It’s nice. This morning Loreal kept banging at my door, yelling at me to get out of my bed to come and take a picture of the French toast she made. So I did. Then I ate it. Breakfast makes me happy. When my day starts out right, it hopefully should end right. I’m prayin’ for a productive day today! I <3 French bread–it brings me back to my roots! =P


“OKay make me breakfast whenever you get in town.”

April 7, 2010

Aaron whom I haven’t seen in months came all the way from Port St. Lucie just to make me breakfast! Actually he was just conveniently on his way up to p-cola.  Do you see how every cabinet of mine is open? Sheesh.

He and his friend made mushroomy eggs and white choco chip pancakes . It was good although I freaked out when he didn’t clean the mushrooms, but I reminded him. Yay for people who cook for me!