First Time @ Leonardo’s – Gainesville, Fl

May 15, 2010

Last year I took Microeconomics and Professor Rush always used Leonardo’s as an example to explain things. Whenever I looked up Leonardo’s By The Slice on the internet it had rave reviews and such.. so after that I decided I needed to try it for myself one day to see if it was just THAT great. What can I say? The atmosphere was typical of the college grunge you find here in Gainesville.

The rolls were nice and doughy. I liked the butter garlic dipping sauce more than the marinara (it was a bit too sour)

Spin Tom – Spinach & tomato (the chicken was extra)

The pizza was only okay.. props on being fresh and having crispy on the outside soft on the inside crust.. but the flavor just wasn’t there for me. I didn’t know our Spin Tom was gonna come without marinara.. maybe one of these days I’ll go back to try the regular cheese pizza (it looked like it would taste better).. but I don’t know when that’s gonna happen because last night we made a pact: from now on where ever we eat, it has to be somewhere we haven’t tried before. It’s our idea of exploring what Gainesville has to offer before we graduate—two more years! Yay for new projects!

Leonardo's By The Slice on Urbanspoon


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