May 5, 2010

Cinco De Mayo – Barbacoa Burrito

I decided to get a big fat burrito tonight since it was Cinco de Mayo. I wanted to go try La Tienda but they were closed! So, I had to resort to Chipotle. It doesn’t taste like Mexican food at all, but hey, it was wrapped in a tortilla.. or two. I get my burritos double wrapped.. that means more calories for me. Yikes!! I just calculated my burrito’s nutritional facts.. if it had corn salsa, tomato salsa, barbacoa, rice, sour cream, lettuce, and fajita veggies all wrapped in two 13” tortillas, then that comes out to 1125 calories! To compensate.. I can say I only ate a little over half of it……

but you see.. I’ve had this dire craving for ice cream ALL DAY LONG..


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