Texas Roadhouse

May 4, 2010

Bloomin’ Onion? No, but I wish it was. Hm.. how do the onions even get like this?

I ate at Texas Roadhouse tonight and eh, my favorite part had to be the yeast rolls.. but we ate it all too quick so I didn’t get a picture.. asked for more and they never brought it. Gr. So get this, I had a coupon that said if I got an entree I’d get a free onion blossom thing right.. the menu had ‘Baby Blossom’ or ‘Cactus Blossom’ (which is way bigger) so of course when they brought out the Baby Blossom I was like.. uh.. I ordered the big one! So they brought that out to me.. then at the end of the night my server was like oh you’re coupon was for a BABY Blossom not a Cactus Blossom.. and I told him I saw the word CACTUS on the coupon.. turns out the coupon said BABY CACTUS Blossom! Typos/false advertising ftl!

On a side note: This was my first and last time at this restaurant. The food wasn’t that great. My gigantic fried onion was still too pungent. My steak tasted like it wasn’t seasoned. Oh, and the service was pretty crappy. I used to be a server. I have criteria they need to live up to. Hah. And oh, dear waitresses standing behind my booth: please don’t talk about all the people you had sex with while you were dating some guy just to get a puppy from him.. I’m trying to eat and not laugh at you in your face k? Thanks!
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