Amber’s Made Up Pasta.. in 4 easy steps!

May 3, 2010

After work, my roommate Amber (she wanted her name on here because she’s so vain) decided to cook dinner for us. It was spaghetti noodles with a buncha vegetables (spinach, onions, peppers, mushrooms) and meat and wine/butter/olive oil/garlic/basically whatever we could find. She wanted me to document the entire thing and give her credit for cooking it. Haha. WELL! HERE YA GO!

Step 1: Cut up the peppers and onions however you like.

Step 2: Drain the noodles that you’ve been boiling in water, butter*, oil, and salt. Keep some of the liquid.

Step 3: Throw whatever you can find (the peppers and onions you cut earlier, spinach, meatballs, chicken, some of the pasta boil liquid, wine, olive oil, mushrooms, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, basil, butter*) into a pan. Stir in the pasta and proceed to step 4..

Step 4: VOILA! Top it off with grated Parmesan and you’re done!


2 Responses to “Amber’s Made Up Pasta.. in 4 easy steps!”

  1. Explore. Says:

    Girl…you forgot the Butter! How can you forget the most important part of the dish…the flavor, the love, the soul of the dish comes from the butta honey! Ask Puala Dean…ask Julia Childs…it’s all about the butta!

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