April 23, 2010

So one of my roommates was like.. “Have you ever heard of a peanut butter and banana sandwich?” I said.. “Of course.. when I was little I thought I invented that ish! Then I got older and found out other people ate it too.” Turns out she never had one before and thought it sounded weird. I said it wasn’t, and that I’d show her a picture. Tada! I knew I had a pic somewhere. Apparently the last time I made this sucker was about 3 years ago in ‘07. Eeeesh. It’s easy to make and I like it a lot more than the typical pb&j sandwich. But it’s even better as pb&j&b! Rub some crunchy peanut butter on some toast (I’m choosy so I choose JIF) and then slap slices of banana on it and voila! Instant goodness. I like my sammich with a glass of milk. :)


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